Puja Banka

Puja Banka, MD

Assistant in Cardiology, Advanced Cardiac Imaging

Assistant Professor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

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"It is my strongest belief that every patient deserves the best possible medical care, and it is this passion that drives me and makes me want to come to work every day."

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  • Echocardiography
  • Cardiology
  • Non-invasive Cardiac Imaging
  • Cardiovascular MRI


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  • Cardiovascular Program


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  • Complex Biventricular Repair Program
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Puja Banka

I have the privilege of taking care of patients from all over the country and the world, and the honor of doing so with a team that truly provides exceptional care and pushes to improve outcomes for our most fragile patients every day. 

It is my strongest belief that every patient deserves the best possible medical care, and it is this passion that drives me and makes me want to come to work every day.  I know that I enter my patients’ and families’ lives at a particularly difficult and vulnerable time and I work hard to be a source of comfort, information, and thoughtful and thorough care.  I strive to reassure patients and families when appropriate, prepare them for procedures, both physically and psychologically, when needed, and care for them as they recover from procedures and then for the rest of their lives.  This forges a bond that is unique and, in many ways, I become a part of their family and they a part of mine.  After all, no matter what our differences in background, language, or beliefs, we all share one common goal – giving the child in front of us the best and healthiest life possible.

Experience and Education


Undergraduate Degree

Stanford University, 1998

Stanford, CA

Medical School

Stanford University, 2002

Stanford, CA


Boston Children's Hospital, 2002-2003

Boston, MA


Boston Children's Hospital, 2005

Boston, MA

Fellowship, Pediatric Cardiology

Boston Children's Hospital, 2008

Boston, MA

Senior Fellowship, Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging

Boston Children's Hospital, 2009

Boston, MA


  • American Board of Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiology

Professional History

I received my medical training at Stanford University, then joined the pediatric training program here at Boston Children’s Hospital. This was followed by a pediatric cardiology fellowship, including a year as Chief Fellow, and a year of subspecialty training in non-invasive imaging, including echocardiography and cardiac MRI.  Once at Boston Children's, it was impossible to leave behind the amazing team so I stayed on staff.  I now divide my time between the echocardiography, cardiac MRI, and cardiac CT labs, as well as inpatient and outpatient cardiac services.  I also serve as the Director of Quality Improvement for the Division of Non-Invasive Imaging, and as the Associate Director of the Cardiology Consult Service.  After patient care, one of my favorite aspects of my job is helping to train the next generation of pediatricians and pediatric cardiologists, so I am involved in various teaching conferences for the residents, medical students, and fellows, and I serve on our divisional educational committee and also as a faculty advisor for the categorical and imaging fellows.  My research focuses on improving outcomes for children with heart disease, particularly those undergoing complex biventricular repairs, and optimizing the use and accuracy of non-invasive imaging in their care.


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