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Mark Rockoff, MD

Associate Anesthesiologist-in-Chief

Professor of Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School

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Mark Rockoff


My philosophy of care is simply to treat every child and family as I would want my own treated.

Experience and Education


Medical School

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1973

Baltimore, MD

Pediatrics Internship

Massachusetts General Hospital, 1973-1974

Boston, MA

Anesthesiology Residency

Massachusetts General Hospital, 1975-1977

Boston, MA

Pediatrics Residency

Massachusetts General Hospital, 1974-1975

Boston, MA

Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship

University of California Medical Center, 1978-1979

San Diego, CA


  • American Board of Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine

  • American Board of Anesthesiology, Pediatric Anesthesiology


Research Focus Area
Neuroanesthesia; Medical History

For more information, please visit my research profile.


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