Katie O'Donnell MD

Katherine O'Donnell, MD

Associate Clinical Chief, Children's Hospital Inpatient Services (CHIPS); Associate Clerkship Director, HMS Pediatrics Clerskship; Assistant in Medicine

Instructor in Pediatrics - Harvard Medical School

    Contact: 617-355-7054
  • Fax: 617-730-0884

Medical Services


  • Toxicology
  • Hospital Medicine


  • Medicine


  • Children's Hospital Inpatient Service (CHIPS)
  • Medical Toxicology Program
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Experience and Education


Medical School

Dartmouth Medical School, 2003

Hanover, NH


Boston Children's Hospital/Boston Medical Center , 2004

Boston, MA


Boston Children's Hospital/Boston Medical Center, 2006

Boston, MA

Chief Resident, Pediatrics

Boston Children's Hospital/Boston Medical Center, 2007

Boston, MA

Fellowship, Medical Toxicology

Harvard Area Medical Toxicology Fellowship, 2009

Boston, MA



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