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    Edin Randall MD

    Philosophy of Care 

    As a pediatric psychologist specializing in chronic pain, I have gained a deep appreciation for a holistic and integrated approach to care. I rely on developing strong therapeutic relationships so that patients and families feel comfortable letting me join them as they navigate the daunting journey from disability to health and wellness. My aim is to provide patients with the tools to ultimately help themselves so that they take back control and enjoy a sense of self-efficacy. I feel privileged to be able to work with such a skilled and passionate multidisciplinary team at BCH’s Mayo Family Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center – I enjoy smiles inside and out when I hear parents share with the team that “I have my child back!” and when I witness my patients getting back to what they love.

    Experience and Education


    Graduate School

    Loyola University Chicago , 2012

    Chicago, IL


    Rush University Medical Center , 2012

    Chicago , IL


    Boston Children's Hospital, 2013

    Boston, MA

    Professional History

    After receiving a BA in psychology at Williams College and gaining several years of clinical and research experience, I knew that a career in psychology, working as a scientist and practitioner with children and adolescents, was my ultimate goal.  Excited to pursue my passion, I earned a doctorate in clinical psychology at Loyola University Chicago, with a subspecialty in children and families.  Next, I completed my pre-doctoral residency in pediatric psychology at Rush University Medical Center (RUMC). At RUMC, I developed a strong interest in working at the intersection of psychology and medicine. Aiming to specialize in pediatric (health) psychology, I then completed a post-doctoral psychology fellowship with the Psychiatry Consultation Service (PCS) at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH). It was during my fellowship with the PCS that I became interested, more specifically, in understanding and treating pediatric chronic pain. I feel fortunate to now have the opportunity to work as a clinician and researcher on the multidisciplinary team at BCH’s Mayo Family Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center.



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