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Tina Young Poussaint
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Tina Young  Poussaint, MD

Department: Radiology
Research Centers: Radiology Research Center
Hospital Title: Attending Neuroradiologist
Academic Title: Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Research Area: Neuroimaging

Website: Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium

Tina Young Poussaint is director of the Neuroimaging Center (NIC) for the multi-institutional Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (PBTC), at Children's Hospital. The NIC is dedicated to the study of correlative tumor biology and new therapies for primary central nervous system tumors in childhood.

The 10 hospitals in the consortium conduct clinical trials for anti-cancer drugs; the Neuroimaging Center ensures that neuroimaging and quality assurance procedures--along with the data analysis of these imaging studies--are standard among all the institutions. To this end, the NIC has developed a systematic program of quality assurance for neuroimaging studies (which include volumetric MRI, MR diffusion, MR perfusion, MR spectroscopy, and PET procedures), including overseeing compliance with imaging protocols and assessing image quality and data integrity.

The NIC also sees that the PBTC is able to incorporate imaging endpoints into its overall research program and to develop correlative imaging research plans related to the novel therapeutic interventions employed. It also oversees crossplatform translations for comparative analyses of MRI, MRS, and PET studies.

About Tina Young Poussaint

Tina Young Poussaint is a Staff Neuroradiologist at Children's Hospital and Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School.

She graduated from Mt. Holyoke College and received her medical degree from Yale University. She completed a residency in diagnostic radiology and fellowship training in neuroradiology at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.

Key publications

  • Poussaint TY, MR Imaging of Pediatric Brain Tumors: State of the Art, Topics in MRI, 2001; 12:411-433.
  • Poussaint TY, Kowal JR, Barnes PD, Zurakowski D, Anthony DC, Goumnerova L, Tarbell NJ. Tectal tumors of childhood: clinical and imaging followup. AJNR 1998; 19:977-83.
  • Poussaint TY, Siffert J, Barnes PD, Pomeroy SL, Goumnerova LC, Anthony DC, Sallan SE, Tarbell NJ. Hemorrhagic vasculopathy following the treatment of CNS neoplasia in childhood: diagnosis and followup. AJNR 1995; 16(4): 693-9.

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