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Gabriel Corfas
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Gabriel  Corfas, PhD

Department: Neurology
Research Centers: Otolaryngology Research Center
Hospital Title: Senior Associate in Neurology and Otolaryngology; Director of Basic Research in Otolaryngology
Academic Title: Professor of Neurology and Otolaryngology, Harvard Medical School
Research Area: Neuron-glia interactions and their roles in development and disease


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Research Overview

We are interested in understanding the roles that interactions between neurons and glia, the two fundamental cell types of the nervous system, play in nervous system development, function and maintenance--and in defining the molecular signals that orchestrate these interactions. 

To investigate these issues, my laboratory employs molecular and cellular biological techniques, as well as genetically modified mice. We have provided compelling evidence that neuron-glia interactions play critical roles in several aspects of nervous system development, including neuronal migration, neuronal and glial differentiation and survival, and the formation and function of synapses. In addition, our work has shown that disruption of neuron-glia interactions may be an important factor in the pathology of various neurological conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders. 

Ongoing projects in my lab include the study of: Molecular mechanisms of radial glia formation and function and their implications for disorders of brain development Roles of neuron-glia interactions in synapse formation Roles of neuron-glia interactions in peripheral nerve maintenance and function and their involvement in peripheral neuropathies Mechanisms of oligodendrocyte development and their relevance to demyelinating and neuropsychiatric disorders Roles of neuron-glia interactions in the development and maintenance of the inner ear and their implications in deafness and vestibular disorders Signal transduction mechanisms by which erbB receptor activation leads to glial differentiation and function. 

About Gabriel Corfas

Gabriel Corfas received an MSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a PhD in Neurobiology from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School.

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