Undergraduate Degree

  • Dartmouth College , 1990 , Hanover , NH

Graduate Degree

  • University of Michigan Law School , 1993 , Ann Arbor , MI

Medical School

  • University of Iowa College of Medicine , 2000 , Iowa City , IA


  • University of California, San Francisco , 2001 , San Francisco , CA


  • University of California, San Francisco , 2003 , San Francisco , CA


Neonatal Medicine
  • University of California, San Francisco , 2006 , San Francisco , CA

Philosophy of Care

Newborn care is a life passion for me.  Each baby is unique but all are incredibly resilient in the face of unexpected challenges.  It is a great privilege for me to care for these little ones and their families.  Every day, I am reminded to be patient and humble.  I cannot imagine another professional calling. 


Dr. Sayeed is jointly appointed both at Boston Children's Hospital and at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine.  He obtained his medical degree from the University of Iowa, where he grew up.  He trained in pediatrics and neonatology at the University of California, San Francisco.  He has broad scholarly interests ranging from neonatal and pediatrics bioethics to global health.  He holds a law degree from the University of Michigan and an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College.


  • American Board of Pediatrics, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine


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