Anjali Sadhwani PhD

Anjali Sadhwani, PhD

Staff Psychologist

Instructor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

    Contact: 617-919-3495

Medical Services


  • Psychiatry


  • Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program
To schedule an appointment: Call 617-919-3495

Experience and Education


Undergraduate Degree

St Xavier’s College, 2000

Mumbai, India

Graduate School

College of Home Science, 2002

University of Mumbai, India

Internship, Clinical Psychology

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, 2007-2008

New Orleans, LA

Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

Illinois Institute of Technology, 2003-2008

Chicago, IL

Fellowship, Psychology

Boston Children's Hospital, 2008-2010

Boston, MA


  • Psychology


Publications powered by Harvard Catalyst Profiles
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