Caitlin Rollins MD

Caitlin Rollins, MD

Assistant in Neurology

Instructor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

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The greatest joy of my practice is being able to support families as their infants grow into childhood and beyond.

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Caitlin Rollins MD

As the child of a clinical psychologist and scientist, I have always been interested in linking human experience with underlying biology. 

In my clinical research career, where I am able to blend patient care with scientific research, I am uniquely situated to allow my patient experiences to inform research, and similarly be able to provide families with information about the latest research advances in the field. By intertwining clinical care and research, I hope to bring a unique perspective to both my patients and my research. As part of the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program, I have the wonderful privilege of being able to work with children and their families over many years, and the greatest joy of my practice is being able to support families as their infants grow into childhood and beyond. 

Experience and Education



Harvard University, 2002

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Medical School

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2007

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2007-2009

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Pediatric Neurology-Boston Children's Hospital, 2009-2012

Boston, Massachusetts


Behavioral Neurology-Boston Children's Hospital, 2012-2014

Boston, Massachusetts


  • American Board of Pediatrics

  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology with Special Qualification in Child Neurology

Professional History

I am a clinician and clinical researcher focusing on understanding neurological outcomes in congenital heart disease. I am a neurologist for the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program, where I treat conditions such as developmental delay, motor concerns, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and learning disabilities. In addition, I see inpatients in the neurology consultation service. My research is aimed at elucidating the neurobiological mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental impairment in patients with congenital heart disease. I have authored original research describing the relationship between brain MRI findings and cognition in adolescents with congenital heart disease as well as a patient-oriented review article on the topic. Currently, I am Principal Investigator of a study funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Pediatric Heart Network using fetal brain MRI to better understand the mechanisms and timing of altered brain development in this population. I have been a moderator and speaker at the annual meeting of the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Symposium and speaker at the New England Congenital Cardiology Association. With this background, I aim to be a compassionate physician linking cutting edge clinical research on cardioneurology with clinical care.

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