• Instituto Luis Vives , Valencia , Spain

Medical School

  • Valencia University Medical School , Valencia , Spain


  • Military Hospital , Palma de Mallorca , Spain

Graduate Degree

Anatomic Pathology
  • University of Madrid , Madrid , Spain

Graduate Degree

Anatomic Pathology
  • University of Wurzburg , West Germany

Graduate Degree

Anatomic Pathology
  • University of Madrid , Madrid , Spain
Graduate School - PhD
  • Valencia University Medical School , Valencia , Spain

Graduate Degree

Senior - Chief Resident Anatomic Pathology
  • Mallory Institute of Pathology, Boston University , Boston , Ma

Graduate Degree

Anatomic Pathology
  • Boston Children's Hospital , Boston , Ma

Graduate Degree

Anatomic Pathology
  • New England Deaconess Medical Center , Boston , Ma

Graduate Degree

Anatomic Pathology and Electron Microscopy
  • Boston VA Medical Center , West Roxbury , MA


Anatomic Pathology and Electron Microscopy
  • Boston Children's Hospital , Boston , Ma



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