Nilesh Mehta

Nilesh Mehta, MD

Director, Critical Care Nutrition; Associate Medical Director, MSICU; Director, Quality and Outcomes

Associate Professor in Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School

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  • Critical Care
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  • Nutrition Center
  • Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit (MSICU)
  • Pediatric Critical Care Nutrition Program
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Experience and Education


Medical School

T. N. Medical College,

Bombay, India


King Edward VII Memorial Hospital,

Bombay, India

Residency, Pediatrics

Boston Combined Residency Program,

Boston, MA

Residency, Pediatric Medicine

North Thames Deanery,

Fellowship, Critical Care Medicine

Boston Children's Hospital,

Boston, MA

Fellowship, Pediatric Critical Care

St. Mary's Hospital,

London, United Kingdom


  • Pediatrics, Pediatric Critical Care


Nutrition therapy in Critical Ill Children
Energy and Protein Balance
Body composition

Mehta's Children's Research Page


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