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Lauren Mednick, PhD

Assistant Director (Clinical), OPS

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School

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Experience and Education


Clinical Psychology

George Washington University, 2005


Harvard Medical School/Boston Children's Hospital,

Boston, MA


Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School,

Boston, MA


2008- present Co-PI, To Blog or Not to Blog? Ethical and Professional Dilemmass Associated with the use of Personal Web Pages Designed and currently analyzing data from a study aimed at understanding the specific ethical and professional dilemmas related to patient and clinician blog and social network use. 2009-present Investigator, Thalassemia Longitudinal Cohort Currently analyzing psychosocial data from a large multi-country longitudinal study with patients diagnosed with thalassemia. 2009-present Co-PI, International Perceptions of Clefts Currently analyzing data examining causal attributions and perceptions of clefts of patients in five countries. 2007-2012 Psychology Consultant, CDC (grant#: 5 U01 DD000308-03), New Investigation Initiatives for Prevention of Complications of Thalassemia. PI: Ellis Neufeld, M.D., Ph.D. The major goal of this study is to examine variables associated with preventing disease complications in patients diagnosed with thalassemia.

Professional History

Peer Reviewed Publications

1. Mednick, L., Cogen, F.R., & Streisand, R. (2004). Satisfaction and quality of life in children with type 1 diabetes and their parents following transition to insulin pump therapy. Children’s Health Care, 33(3), 169-183.
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3. Mednick, L., Cogen, F., Henderson, C., Rohrbeck, C., Kitessa, D., & Streisand, R. (2007). Hope more, worry less: Hope as a potential resilience factor in mothers of very young children with type 1 diabetes. Children’s Health Care, 36(4), 385-396.
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15. Mednick, L., Snyder, J., Schook, C., Blood, E.A., Brown, S.E., & Weatherley-White, R.C.A. (2013). Causal Attributions of Cleft Lips and Palates across Cultures. The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, 50(6), 655-61.
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Invited Chapters

1. Mednick, L. (2009). Preparation for Procedures. In R.J. Shaw & D.R. DeMaso (Eds.), Textbook of Pediatric Psychosomatic Medicine. Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Press, Inc.
2. Mednick, L. & Koocher, G. (2012). Children with Chronic Medical Conditions: Parenting Needs. In K. Kuehnle & L. Drozd (Eds.), Parenting Plan Evaluations: Applied Research for the Family Court. Oxford University Press.
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4. Yamashita, R.C., Mednick, L., & Haines, D. (in press). Psychological Support in Thalassemia. Guidelines for the Clinical Management of Thalassemia- 2nd Update Edition. Thalassemia International Federation.

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