Veterinary Medicine
  • Cornell University , Ithaca , New York
  • University of Vermont , Burlington , Vermont
  • University of Vermont Medical Center , Burlington , Vermont
  • University of Vermont Medical Center , Burlington , Vermont
Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Rancho Los Amigos, University of Southern California , Los Angeles , CA

Philosophy of Care

I grew up in rural Vermont, spending a great deal of my time with my grandparents who owned a dairy farm. Initially, I considered becoming a farmer, but my grandfather convinced me to attend the veterinary college at Cornell University. Just before I graduated, I started to consider human medicine since my father was a general surgeon. I decided to attend medical school after my veterinary college graduation. While in medical school I decided to go into pediatric orthopedic surgery.


During his Orthopedic Surgical Residency, Dr. Gregory J. Melkonian decided to further his training in children’s orthopedics. During his fellowship in Los Angeles, he became very interested in children affected with neuromotor conditions. Thus Dr. Melkonian’s practice at Boston Children’s is a combination of general pediatric orthopedics and children’s neuromuscular conditions.


  • American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery