Belinda Lennerz, MD, PhD

Attending in Endocrinology

Instructor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

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Dr. Lennerz completed medical school at Friedrich Alexander University in Germany in 2005. She did her pediatric residency at St. Louis Children’s Hospital from 2006-2009, followed by a fellowship in pediatric endocrinology at Boston Children’s Hospital from 2009-2011 and 2014-2015. Dr. Lennerz spent 3 years from 2011-2014 at Ulm University to obtain credentialing in pediatrics and pediatric endocrinology in Germany and acquire focused training in obesity. She has joined the endocrine division at Boston Children’s Hospital after finishing her fellowship in 2015.

Dr. Lennerz research focus is on understanding cerebral mechanisms that regulate food intake and energy homeostasis in obesity and type one diabetes. Past and recent projects focus on how these brain circuits can be modified by metabolic signaling in relation to food intake.

Experience and Education


  • American Board of Pediatrics


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