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Donald Goldmann
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Donald  Goldmann, MD

Department: Medicine
Research Centers:
Hospital Title: Senior Physician in Medicine
Academic Title: Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Research Area: Bacterial Infection
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Research Overview

Donald Goldmann's work has focused on preventing and controlling hospital-acquired infections. He is currently pursuing three related investigational paths--infection control, health services research, and vaccine development.

In research on infection control, he is focusing on measures to improve compliance with hand hygiene and other barrier techniques as well as on improving antimicrobial use. He is the chair of Risk Group 4 of the Bacteriology and Mycology Study Group funded by NIAID, which conducts clinical trials of interventions designed to reduce antimicrobial resistance in ICUs and other high-risk settings.

His applied research in the health services arena focuses on quality measurement and improvement, clinical practice guideline development and evaluation, assessment of parental perceptions of care, and patient safety.

Dr. Goldmann collaborates with Dr. Gerald Pier at the Channing Laboratory. Dr. Pier's group has developed a vaccine candidate for staphylococcal disease, which appears to be protective in animals.

About Donald Goldmann

Donald Goldmann is a graduate of Harvard Medical School. He completed an internship, residency, and fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital. He served as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer of the Centers for Disease Control.

Key Publications

  • Suresh G, Horbar J, Plsek P, Gray J, Edwards WH, Shiono PH, Ursprung R, Nickerson J, Lucey JF, Goldmann DA. Voluntary anonymous reporting of medical errors for neonatal intensive care. Pediatrics 2004; 113: 1609-18.
  • Lee GM, Salomon JA, Friedman JF, Hibberd PL, Ross-Degnan D, Zasloff BA, Bediako S, Goldmann DA. Illness transmission in the home: A possible role for alcohol-based hand gels. Pediatrics. 2004 (in press).
  • Lee GM, Friedman JF, Ross-Degnan D, Hibberd PI, Goldmann DA. Misconceptions about colds and predictors of health service utilization. Pediatrics 2003;111:231-236.

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