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Personal Statement

I am deeply committed to the improvement of health care/health outcomes for the very low gestational age neonatal population. This is the reason I have pursued research projects for them for the past 15 years, switching my professional goal from pursuing growth as a neonatal nurse practitioner, as I had reached the limits of what I could do for the population. There have been notable advancements in recent years for the population, and I appreciate contributing to such changes through ongoing research projects.


Ophthalmology Research Nurse; Boston Children's Hospital, Feb, 2014 to present

Harvard Catalyst Research Project Manager; Boston Children's Hospital, Nov. 2011-Feb 2014

Research Project manager; Boston Children's Hospital, Oct, 2007-Nov, 2011

PPSQ Project manager; Boston Children's Hospital, Jan, 2007-Oct 2007

NP and Research manager; University of Chicago, Jan 2001-Dec, 2006