Results: How Providers Now Feel

Providers who were initially resistant to the screening program came to embrace it as a valuable tool. In a follow-up staff survey, respondents agreed that the time requirement was not prohibitive and many said screening saved time, particularly for children without concerns. And all of our providers felt that parents with many concerns took the same or less time in discussion than before the implementation.

Providers also said they were identifying concerns that would not otherwise have been “on the radar” and that parent perspectives were clearer.

Results From Staff Surveys

29 staff were surveyed at two different primary care centers at baseline and 3-4 months after implementation. 55% were physicians, 32% nurse practitioners, and 13% fulfilled other roles.

At follow-up:

  • Staff reported significantly greater use of standard tools for developmental screening (p=.03)
  • Staff reported significantly greater confidence in their ability to screen for developmental and behavioral problems (p=.04)