Familiar Challenge 2: Overworked Staff

The Scenario:

Your small office has one nurse and one administrative assistant. Both women have small children, work hard, and understand the need to recognize children with developmental needs early and accurately.

However, when you ask them to do one more thing, handing out and explaining the screening tool to parents, perhaps scoring it, and helping with more referrals, both of them look at you with anger and frustration. “Where are we going to find the time to do this?”

Response Strategies:

  • Include staff in creating office operations
  • Suggest trying a tool for a few months on a trial basis
  • Ask what would help make this an easier endeavor
  • Consider mailing the form to parents before the visit
  • Spend time creating referral systems first
  • Limit survey use to certain age groups
  • Choose a tool that best matches your population