How Screening Helps

Fortunately, the tools that help us identify children at risk for developmental delays finally exist. These tools enable early intervention, which in turn helps your practice.

Early intervention has been shown to limit long term morbidity. Participants have higher graduation rates, higher employment rates, and less criminality than those who did not receive EI.

It’s important to note that developmental screening boosts the identification rate at low cost to time and budget. Many of the pediatricians at Children’s Hospital Boston said it saved them time and helped them address the parent’s concerns more effectively.

Parental Perceptions

  • Only 57% of parents surveyed reported that their child’s development was ever assessed in a pediatric visit.
  • Parents who report receiving developmental assessments are more likely to report other anticipatory guidance (reading, toilet training, discipline) and are more satisfied with pediatric care.

Source: Halfon, Pediatrics, 2004