Sample Practice Flow

Screening will affect everyone in the practice. At the most fundamental level, the practice flow for using a validated parental survey involves the following steps.

Parent receives and completes the survey

  1. Clipboard, pen, and survey delivered by office staff trained to explain it
  2. Language- and age-appropriate version required; parents with literacy needs have questions read to them
  3. Parent completes survey before provider enters the exam room

Provider or trained staff interprets the results and refers the patient for further screening if indicated

  1. Provider or office staff scores the survey in conjunction with routine parent interview and follow-up questions as needed
  2. Provider interprets or confers about the results
  3. Provider refers patients for evaluation, offers follow-up screen (autism screen, social-emotional screen, etc.), or offers further counseling as needed

Office staff document the results and assist with follow-up

  1. Staff files results in patient’s medical record
  2. Staff organizes resources in advance, including handouts, clipboards and surveys
  3. Staff hands out numbers for services, instructions on how to access mental health and school systems, behavior management guidelines, and lists of relevant books