Implementation Checklist

This page is fully printable, but you may also wish to download this checklist in PDF form.

Identify practice champions

Introduce the idea to your practice

  • Share web sites with previous practice experience
  • Elicit ideas, concerns, and suggestions from all staff members
  • Acknowledge that change is hard

Choose a tool

  • Review the available tools
  • Pick one for trial that matches practice needs

Train appropriate staff in administering, scoring and interpreting

Consider methods of implementation

  • At what visits will screening be included?
  • How will tool be distributed – in the office, via mail, or posted electronically online?
  • What will you do with completed screens?

Discuss operations – identify the person(s) who will…

  • Purchase and reorder the tool
  • Maintain supplies
  • Hand out (or mail) the tool and explain it to parents
  • Be responsible for scoring
  • Document findings and plan in the medical record
  • Return pens and clipboards to storage site
  • Where will supplies be stored?

Referral system

  • Will you need a new system?
  • Is your system paper-based, electronic, or both?
  • Who will maintain it?

Practice run

  • Assign one staff member to be a “parent”
  • Starting at the front desk, have them walk through the typical visit,with the screening steps now included
  • Assign another staff member to be the “provider” and/or support staff,and walk through the steps of interpreting, scoring, and acting on the results
  • Fix any operational glitches you find

Communicate consistently

  • Request regular feedback from all staff – particularly, but not only, after the practice run
  • Give staff regular feedback on their successes and the changes you believe necessary