How to Start

Now that you see how our practice flow worked, you’re ready to map out a screening program at your practice.

To start the planning process, identify at the highest level what your practice will do and the persons who will do it. For developmental screening, you will need to identify the Champions and the Operations staff who will put the Vision into practice.


Your vision as it applies to implementing screening can be expressed in broad terms, but write it down to share with the team. For example, you can state that:

  • We are committed to improve the care of our patients.
  • We recognize that change is hard but necessary.
  • We strive to follow American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations to practice high-quality, evidence-based medicine.


The champions are the point people for implementation, the practice leaders – one a provider and the other an office staffer. They must be knowledgeable about the tool, committed to solving problems, and able to supervise practice operations.


We recommend that you involve all office personnel in the implementation of developmental screening. By this, we mean that the champions not only explain the practice flow prior to implementation but also answer questions, address staff concerns, and encourage implementation during the first new months in particular.