Pointers from Practice: How the PEDS Flows

At Boston Children’s Hospital we chose to use the PEDS as our validated screening tool. It was the best fit for our needs since the survey is available in many languages, can be completed quickly and easily, and is flexible enough to be used for all ages.

This case study describes how the PEDS is given, scored, and interpreted. The practice flow for other validated tools in other clinical situations may differ.

As you read through the case study, keep in mind that the entire PEDS screening process takes just seven minutes – five minutes for the parent, two for the provider. And while a survey does not replace clinical judgment, it does help focus concerns and bring issues to light.

The PEDS is a validated parental survey tool that is designed to detect children eligible for special education. It identifies developmental, academic, and behavioral issues.

  • Survey consists of ten carefully constructed questions that target parental concerns
  • Parent completes form in 5 minutes
  • Providers score and interpret the results in 2 minutes
  • Sensitivity 74-79%
  • Specificity 70-80% across age levels