Create an Implementation Strategy

You will need to create an implementation strategy to develop the program that works for your practice.

Who in the office speaks the languages spoken in the community? At what point will the parent receive the survey and who is responsible for handing it out? How long will the trial period last? How frequently will you review the program and make any needed adjustments? These are just some of the questions you need to answer.

Survey completion has been CHB’s biggest obstacle to date. Make sure that you can manage community language needs and plan for supplies such as clipboards and forms.

Other Implementation Checklists

Other checklists have also been created and may better match your practice needs:

Suggestions From Our Experience

1. Include entire staff in determining flow pattern
2. Before roll-out, do a “practice run”

  • Pretend one person is a parent
  • Follow the schedule of a visit with the new tool included
  • Address glitches that pop up

3. Agree that anything new takes time to go smoothly
4. After start-up, regularly and proactively ask staff about concerns
5. Address concerns in a timely manner
6. Be flexible: rearrange storage location, reassign the person who distributes the tool, or even switch tools if the first isn’t     working
7. Share with office staff the way using the tool helps individual patients and families as you go