Case Study: Giving the PEDS

The PEDS poses ten questions that target parental concerns. The form is translated into many languages and is written at a 5th grade reading level; but even so, parents with literacy limitations may need support.

The process is as follows:

  • The office staff responsible for handing out the survey pulls the form, the clipboard, and the pen from the supply area near check-in or the weight room.
  • This person gives the tool to the parent (or responsible family member) and briefly explains that the provider wants to know how the child is doing and if the parent has any concerns.
  • The parent completes the form before provider enters the exam room so the provider can review it during the visit.
  • The survey becomes the structure of your discussion about the child’s behavior and development. Providers often start visits asking for parent concerns, and now they have it written up and covering each developmental realm.

Sounds simple, but survey completion is our biggest obstacle. The parent may lose it or just not complete it. We’ve learned that incomplete forms may be due to language and literacy barriers and placed blank forms in convenient places for providers to use.

Also, clipboards and pens are hard to keep stocked. We go for clipboard searches every so often and find them in surprising places. Don’t ask...

Despite our best efforts, we still have about a 60% completion rate.