Screening Tools - Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS)

The PEDS consists of ten “carefully constructed” questions targeting parental concerns.  It is designed to detect children eligible for special education.  The same form is used for all age ranges and it is available in several languages.  Parents can complete the form in five minutes and it takes providers two minutes to complete scoring and interpret the results.

Patients falsely identified (false positive) are typically high risk, performing below average academically and on language and intelligence measures, despite failing to qualify for services.  These patients may benefit from Head Start, quality day care, after-school tutoring, and summer school. The PEDS calls for a Second Stage Screen for children with only one significant concern; this may be cumbersome in office settings.

  • Uses parental information
  • Cost: $60 for 100 survey forms and score sheets, then 30¢/survey
  • Time: 5 minutes for parents, 2 minutes for providers
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hmong, Somali, Chinese, and Malaysian; translations in additional languages, such as Arabic and Portuguese, are also available
  • Age Range: Birth to 9 years
  • Sensitivity 74-79%
  • Specificity 70-80% across age levels