Screening Tools - Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ)

Ages & Stages include 19 age-specific surveys that ask parents about developmental skills common in daily life. It has been used successfully throughout North Carolina in the ABCD Project (PEDIATRICS Vol. 118 No. 1 July 2006, pp. e183-e188).

Although the literacy level is cited as 5th grade, the length of the survey (up to 20 minutes) may be daunting to less educated or confident parents. Provider scoring is straightforward and yields scores for different developmental realms, which could streamline referral plans.

  • Uses parent information
  • Cost: $199 for each language, unlimited CD download
  • Time: 10-20 minutes for parents, 1-5 minutes for providers
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Korean
  • Age Range: 4 months - 5 years
  • Sensitivity 72%
  • Specificity 86%