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MRI with Anesthesia

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MRI is a routine diagnostic imaging exam that uses a large magnet, radio waves, and a computer to produce 2- and 3-dimensional images of the body's organs, tissues, and bones.

An MRI scan is:

  • Often the imaging modality of choice because it does not use ionizing radiation (X-rays)
  • A way to better evaluate various parts of the body and certain diseases that may not be assessed adequately with other imaging technologies
  • Painless - the MRI scanner takes pictures without touching the body
  • Safe - years of experience have shown no known harmful effects from the magnetic fields and radiofrequency pulses used in this hospital
  • Interpreted by a pediatric radiologist or pediatric neuroradiologist; the results are reported to your child's physician.

How Boston Children's approaches MRI with anesthesia

Sometimes, MRIs need to be performed under general anesthesia. In these cases, the Division of MRI at Boston Children's Hospital provides a soothing, kid-friendly environment with:

  • Highly trained pediatric radiologists with expertise in supervising and interpreting MRI in children of all ages
  • Experienced pediatric anesthesiologists and sedation nurses
  • Technologists with years of experience in imaging children and teens
  • Protocols and procedures specifically for pediatric use, which means age-appropriate care for children and the best possible images for the radiologists.
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