Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR) Pediatric Research and Clinical Trials

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In addition to leading the way in the use of robotic surgery Boston Children’s Hospital is continually working toward faster, more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatments for children with urologic disorders. Among the recent areas of research that our Department of Urology has conducted, several hold great promise for improving the lives of children with VUR.

Innovative solutions

Managing pain and discomfort from VUR surgery:

Boston Children’s has been a pioneer in anesthesia for children, and our urologists and anesthesia doctors have worked together to develop highly effective pain-management techniques for children who have surgery for VUR.

Thanks to these methods, most children recover quickly after surgery, and their pain is kept to a minimum. Most children can go home within one or two days. In addition, we have been leaders in the development of less invasive methods of correcting VUR. Our pioneering surgeons have used laparoscopic and robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery to successfully correct VUR in many children. We also use endoscopic techniques (such as Deflux®) to perform injections to correct VUR in selected children.

Determining the role of genetics in VUR:

A Boston Children's study of VUR genetics is looking at families with multiple members with VUR. This will help us learn about the genetics of VUR to determine how it is inherited, as well as identify which genetic factors put children at risk of recurrent UTIs or kidney scarring.

Q: What is the RIVUR study?
: This is a large research study funded by the National Institutes of Health. The Urology Department at Boston Children's Hospital participated in the RIVUR study. This study found that children with VUR who took daily antibiotics were much less likely to have UTI’s than children who took a placebo (sugar liquid without medicine). The study tells us that antibiotics are useful in helping to prevent UTI in children with VUR.

We are grateful to have been ranked #1 on U.S. News & World Report's list of the best children's hospitals in the nation for the third year in a row, an honor we could not have achieved without the patients and families who inspire us to do our very best for them. Thanks to you, Boston Children's is a place where we can write the greatest children's stories ever told.”
- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO

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