Transverse Vaginal Septum Symptoms & Causes


What are the symptoms of transverse vaginal septum?

Common symptoms include:

  • the absence of a menstrual cycle, called amenorrhea
  • periods that last beyond the normal four to seven day cycle
  • abdominal pain from blood collecting in the upper vagina.

What causes transverse vaginal septum?

  • A transverse vaginal septum forms during embryological development when the tubes that eventually become a vagina don't fuse together properly.
  • The cause of this genetic abnormality is unknown

How will transverse vaginal septum affect my daughter's sex life and fertility?

  • After a transverse vaginal septum is successfully removed, your daughter should have a normal sexual and reproductive life.
  • If a transverse vaginal septum isn't removed, it will create infertility or provide a form of natural contraception.