Rett Syndrome | Treatments

What are the treatments for Rett syndrome?

While there is no currently targeted treatment or gene therapy for Rett syndrome, a care plan can be adapted to the needs of each child. With appropriate interventions, people with Rett syndrome can live well into middle age and beyond and can take part in social, educational, and recreational activities at home and in the community.

In many cases, the physical symptoms of Rett syndrome can be eased and managed with a robust regimen of therapies:

  • occupational therapy
  • speech therapy
  • physical therapy
  • augmentative communication

Some children may also benefit from medications for seizures, muscle stiffness, anxiety or sleep difficulties.

Expert care for Rett syndrome

At the Boston Children’s Hospital Rett Syndrome Program, our experts work as a team to create the best possible treatment plan for your child.

We can also help your family access resources to help your child learn and thrive.

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