Treatments for Pediatric Hemophilia in Children

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How is hemophilia treated?

Treatment of hemophilia depends on the type and severity, with the goal of preventing complications associated with excessive bleeding. Factor replacement therapy is the standard of care.

Your child will require factor replacement therapy—infusions (injections into a vein) of clotting factors VIII or IX—which can prevent or stop bleeding and promote healing. These infusions will be needed:

  • after a bleeding episode
  • before, during or after surgery and routine procedures, including dental work
  • as a preventive measure (prophylaxis) in the case of severe hemophilia

Factor replacement therapy stops bleeding and reduces the risk of complications. Children receive infusions of synthetic clotting factors to replace the factors missing from their blood. Children with hemophilia A receive factor VIII infusions, while patients with hemophilia B receive factor IX infusions.

If your child has mild hemophilia A, he may also receive a synthetic hormone called desmopressin, or DDAVP. This can be administered as a nasal spray or intravenously (through an IV).

Some patients may develop an inhibitor to clotting proteins and will require hemophilia treatment with other clotting proteins, such as activated factor VII.

During the course of treating the hemophilia, your child’s doctor will recommend:

  • giving routine immunizations subcutaneously (under the skin) in the muscle to prevent deep muscle bleeds―this is important for your pediatrician to know
  • avoiding aspirin and ibuprofen, as well as products containing them, since they have been linked to bleeding problems
  • getting frequent follow-up care, including regular assessment of the joints; children who experience bleeding into the joints may require physical therapy

Find in-depth information on pediatric hemophilia treatment on our Boston Hemophilia Center page.

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