Treatments for Midaortic Syndrome And Renovascular Hypertension Program

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Treatment options for MAS and RVH

The treatment approach for each child depends very much on:

  • whether she has MAS, RVH or both
  • which blood vessels are affected (and how extensively)
  • her particular symptoms
  • her age and overall health 

 Treatment options typically include one or more of the following:

  • medication to control blood pressure and improve heart and/or kidney function

  • angioplasty—the use of a narrow tube called a catheter to insert and inflate a balloon inside the narrowed artery, widening it and improving blood flow to the affected organs

  • stenting—the placement of a special tube called a stent in a narrowed artery to hold it open 

In the most serious cases, doctors may recommend:

  • bypass graft surgery—an operation that makes detours, or "bypasses," around narrowed arteries, creating new paths for blood to flow

  • autotransplantation—moving a kidney to a new location where the blood flow can be improved

  • kidney transplantation (in cases where both kidneys are damaged to the point of causing irreversible kidney failure)   

Boston Children's groundbreaking new treatment

In a very exciting development, Boston Children's Hospital has pioneered a novel way of "stretching" the healthy vessels in the aorta to make them long enough to adequately replace the narrowed vessels. This procedure is called Tissue Expander Stimulated Lengthening of Arteries (TESLA)

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