Midaortic Syndrome And Renovascular Hypertension Program Pediatric Patient Stories

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Every child with midaortic syndrome and/or renovascular hypertension is different, and our approach to treatment needs to match each child's individual circumstances. Read on to see how we tailored our approach to meet the unique needs of the four different patients.

Saving Sofia

Sofia Groff's parents and caregivers couldn't tell what was causing her dangerously high blood pressure until a team from Boston Children's found that she had midaortic syndrome. A first-of-its-kind transplant of a kidney and a stretch of aorta treated her midaortic syndrome and renovascular hypertension simultaneously. Read more.

TESLA to the fore

Jayshia Lewis and Cristian Colon were among the first children with midaortic syndrome treated with the TESLA procedure. Developed at Boston Children's Hospital, this groundbreaking approach to treatment relies on a balloon-like device to stretch a healthy section of a patient's aorta, making it grow and giving surgeons healthy artery to replace the damaged section. Read more.

Case study

This patient had severe long segment midaortic syndrome that was diagnosed early in life and treated with repeated angioplasty and stenting to allow her to grow to full adult size.

When she was 12 years old and had completed her growth spurt, she underwent a thoracoabdominal aortic bypass procedure using a PTFE (Gortex) graft.

The ability to safely perform repeated aortic angioplasty and stenting allowed us to delay final surgical treatment until the child reached her final adult height, eliminating problems that are created when a synthetic graft is placed in a small growing child.

This type of staged approach requires careful coordination between all members of the MAS-RAS multidisciplinary team.


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- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO

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