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Treatments for Microcephaly in Children

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What are the treatment options for microcephaly?

There is no specific “cure” for microcephaly itself — a small brain and head will not “catch up” to normal size — so treatment instead focuses on managing any symptoms and related conditions.

Some children with microcephaly don't experience any difficulties beyond a smaller-than-normal head size and possibly a smaller-than-average height, so don't need any treatment beyond routine check-ups and ongoing head measurements. Other children may develop learning, speech or motor problems that can be helped with early intervention and support. Some cases of microcephaly lead to serious learning and speech disabilities, difficulties with neurological functions and physical complications, like seizures and facial deformities. that are treated separately.

Boston Children's Hospital is home to a multidisciplinary team of experts who are dedicated to providing all of the support, assistance and information your child and family need. Your treating clinician will work with you to formulate a customized treatment plan that helps your child reach his fullest potential in school, at home and in his relationships.

What types of supportive care might a child with microcephaly need?

Every child with microcephaly is different, so the type of support will be guided by his or her symptoms and severity of disease. In general, children with microcephaly can benefit from: 

Coping and support: Patient and family resources at Boston Children's 

In addition to clinical care, Boston Children's Hospital has several resources designed to give families comfort, support and guidance. 

  • The Center for Families, located in the main hospital lobby, is dedicated to helping patients and families locate information and resources. The Center for Families is open seven days a week and can be reached at 617-355-6279 or
  • Boston Children’s Complex Care Service (617-355-6162) provides care for children with complex medical conditions in both inpatient and outpatient settings. CCS partners with the family, primary care physician and specialists to ensure comprehensive, coordinated and centralized medical care.
  • The Behavioral Medicine Clinic (617-355-6688) helps kids and families deal with anxiety, sadness and fears about their illness, medical and surgical procedures and long-term care.
  • Boston Children's Psychiatry Consultation Service can provide short-term therapy for children admitted to the hospital, consultations for parent and siblings and counseling in healthy coping skills.
  • Boston Children's Department of Psychiatry also offers this free booklet: Helping Your Child with Medical Experiences: A Practical Parent Guide
  • The Experience Journal features thoughts, reflections and advice from kids and caregivers about living with a variety of medical conditions, the “befores” and “afters” of surgery and going through many other medical experiences.
  • The Boston Children's chaplaincy is available to provide spiritual support to parents and family members. Our program includes nearly a dozen clergy members—representing Episcopal, Jewish, Lutheran, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Unitarian and United Church of Christ traditions. 
  • Boston Children's International Center is a resource for patients and families from countries outside the United States. The center can provide assistance with everything from reviewing medical records to setting up appointments and locating lodging. Contact: 01-617-355-5209 or

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