Treatments for Little League Shoulder in Children

Early treatment for Little League shoulder is important, because if your child ignores the injury and plays through the pain, he may make the injury more serious. In general, the earlier Little League shoulder is treated, the shorter the recovery time will be. 

Rest is the most effective treatment for Little League shoulder. Your child should stop throwing completely, and later go to physical therapy. The physical therapist will work with your child to stretch out and strengthen the shoulder, which will help with the pain and help prevent the injury from happening again. 

A player can usually return to sports after a proper recovery treatment when he has been fully cleared by his doctor and physical therapist. Getting back in the game too early is dangerous, and could draw out the injury even longer.

Coping and support

If your child is admitted to Boston Children's Hospital or needs more extensive care, your family may want to take advantage of our Hale Family Center for Families, which can help connect you with resources, should you need them: 

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