Hip Impingement

What is hip impingement?

Hip impingement, also called femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), occurs when there is an abnormality in one or both of the bones in the hip joint, causing friction in the joint. Over time, this friction can wear away the cartilage and cause a tear in the labrum (the seal that lines the hip joint), causing pain.

Hip impingement is a common among young athletes and physically active people. It’s especially common in those who play sports that require turning, twisting or squatting motions.

How we care for hip impingement

The specialists at the Boston Children’s Child & Young Adult Hip Preservation Program treat patients of all ages. Many teens and young adults with hip problems need specialized care that’s different from care for adults. Our surgeons are as pioneers in minimally invasive surgery for teens and young adults, and our clinicians and researchers are dedicated to finding better ways to care for adolescents and young adults with hip problems.

Download our patient fact sheet for hip impingement to learn more about this condition, how it occurs and how the hip specialists in Boston Children’s Child and Young Adult Hip Preservation Program provide comprehensive care throughout each patient’s treatment.