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Treatments for Glaucoma in Children

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It's important for treatment of childhood glaucoma to start as early as possible. Treatment may include:

  • Medications - Some medications cause the eye to produce less fluid, while others lower pressure by helping fluid drain from the eye.

  • Conventional surgery - The purpose of conventional surgery is to create a new opening for fluid to leave the eye.

  • Laser surgery - There are several types of laser surgery used to treat glaucoma, including the following:

    • Trabeculotomy: During this procedure, the most common type of laser surgery to treat open-angle glaucoma, a laser is used to place “spot welds” in the drainage area of the eye (known as the trabecular meshwork) that allow fluid to drain more freely.

    • Iidotomy: For this procedure, the surgeon uses the laser to make a small hole in the iris (the colored part of the eye) to allow fluid to flow more freely in the eye.

    • Cyclophotocoagulation: This procedure uses a laser beam to freeze selected areas of the ciliary body (the part of the eye that produces aqueous humor) to reduce the production of fluid. This type of surgery may be performed with severe cases of childhood glaucoma.

Both medications and surgery have been successfully used to treat childhood glaucoma.

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