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Autism Spectrum Center

What should I do if my child needs care during this COVID-19 outbreak?
What can I do to manage my child’s anxiety while they are at home?
My child receives ABA services. How will the COVID-19 outbreak affect my child’s services?
My child has an IEP. What can I expect?
My child is in a residential program. Are they at higher risk of COVID-19?
How can I support my child’s need for structure while school is closed?
What resources are available to support children with autism and their families?

Boston Hemophilia Center

How can I find practical information on the impact of COVID-19 for individuals with bleeding disorders?

Center for Airway Disorders

Should patients continue to wean from thickened liquids during this time?

Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center

Will my child’s treatment continue during the COVID-19 health crisis?
What should I do if my child gets a fever?
Why are staff at Dana-Farber and Boston Children’s wearing masks?

Department of Neurology

My child needs an appointment with a specialist that’s urgent but not an emergency. What should I do?

Department of Neurosurgery

If I need an appointment at the hospital with a specialist that’s not an emergency, but it is urgent, what do I do?

Department of Ophthalmology

Will our appointment be canceled or rescheduled?
Will our appointment take place in the clinic where it was originally scheduled?
What resources are available for my child’s emotional wellbeing during this outbreak?

Department of Urology

I have an upcoming appointment. What should I do?
What if my child has an urgent urologic issue?

Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Do topical steroids (budesonide or mometasone) inhibit the immune system? Should my child stop taking them?
What do we know about COVID-19 in IBD patients?
Should my child with IBD continue to take their medication?
Should I postpone or reschedule my child's injection or infusion?
What should I do if my child with IBD develops symptoms of coronavirus?

Division of Gynecology

If I have a scheduled appointment, can it be conducted remotely?
How do I prepare for a telehealth visit in gynecology?
What should I do if I get hormone or birth control injections?
What if I have a gynecological issue you can’t diagnose remotely?
What if my surgery is delayed, but I am still having pain?

Division of Immunology

Should my child keep taking their medications during the COVID-19 outbreak?
What kinds of testing and procedures is Boston Children’s providing for children with allergies or immune disease during this outbreak?
Will immunoglobulin replacement therapy or antibiotics protect my child from COVID-19?
How do I know if my child’s symptoms are allergies or COVID-19?

Division of Pulmonary Medicine

What extra medications should my child be taking, if any, during this crisis?
Can you provide a letter to my employer explaining I need to be away from work to protect my child?

Down Syndrome Program

Where can I find practical information on the impact of COVID-19 for individuals with Down syndrome?
My child is due for a visit soon. Will it take place?
How can I support my child’s need for structure while school is closed?
Is the Down syndrome Program offering any activities my child can do at home?
Where can I find information about the impact of COVID-19 on people with Down syndrome?
Where can I find answers to questions about my child’s IEP and education services while schools are shut down?
Where can I find resources to help with food or other material needs?

Gender Multispecialty Service (GeMS)

Should I cancel my scheduled visit?
Who can I call if I'm out of medication or if I have questions about my child’s condition or medications?
Does being on a blocker and/or gender-affirming hormones increase my susceptibility to COVID-19 or getting sicker from COVID-19?
How do I find a therapist during the current crisis?
What community resources are available for my child during this outbreak?
What should I do if my child is in a mental health crisis?

Gender Surgery

Why was my surgery canceled?

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center

What if my child has an urgent orthopedic need, such as a sprain or fracture?
Can I schedule a virtual visit rather than an in-person visit for a non-urgent matter?
How can I determine if my child’s situation is urgent?
Is it OK to delay my post-operative appointment?

Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center

How can I help my child manage their pain while services are temporarily suspended?
My child’s admission with the Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center was interrupted. What should I do?
My child has graduated from the Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center. Is their follow-up visit canceled?
My child was on the waitlist for the Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center. Has that changed?

Pediatric Transplant Center

My child had a transplant. Should we continue with our transplant clinic appointments?
Should transplant recipients continue their periodic transplant clinic appointments?

Primary Care at Martha Eliot and Children’s Hospital Primary Care Center

Should my child come in to get their vaccines (shots)?
I’m worried about my child taking their asthma medications because of what I’ve seen in the media?
Are there good tips to learn more to help reduce stress on my children and family during this difficult time?
Are there resources to help with food insecurity or other material needs during this time?

Spina Bifida and Spinal Cord Conditions Center

I have an upcoming appointment. What should I do?
Should my child with spina bifida go to school?

Thyroid Center

Does thyroid cancer treatment increase the risk of infection with COVID-19?

Refugee and Trauma Resilience Center

Where can I find information on COVID-19 if English is not my primary language?
Where can I find resources to help my family address housing and financial issues related to COVID-19?

Rheumatology Program

Should my child continue their medications?
What if my child gets sick?

Vascular Anomalies Center

Is the Vascular Anomalies Center reviewing cases during the COVID-19 outbreak?