Constriction Ring Syndrome | Symptoms & Causes

What causes constriction ring syndrome?

The exact cause of the syndrome is unknown, but it’s not believed to be hereditary. Many times, it seems to occur for no apparent reason. Constriction ring syndrome occurs in about 1 in every 10,000 to 15,000 babies. Researchers think it occurs more frequently in the fingers than in the toes.

What are the symptoms of constriction ring syndrome?

Constriction ring syndrome sometimes results in nothing more than an unsightly, circular indentation around your child’s finger or limb.

Deeper bands can cause some more serious problems:

  • severe swelling
  • restriction of the lymphatic or venous flow
  • interference with development of the arm or leg

If a band is tight enough, the constriction may even cause an in utero (before birth) amputation of the arm or the leg.