Constriction Ring Syndrome | Diagnosis & Treatment

How is constriction ring syndrome diagnosed?

Occasionally, constriction ring syndrome can be diagnosed before birth by prenatal ultrasound. However, the majority of cases are diagnosed at or shortly after birth by your child’s doctor.

X-rays of your child’s affected limb are also used to help assess how deep and tight the band is.

What are the treatment options for constriction ring syndrome?

Your child will receive individualized treatment decided upon by your doctor.

If your child has shallow, incomplete constriction rings, they may be treated with a simple day surgical procedure. If your child has deep constriction rings, one or more surgeries may be required to improve the appearance and function of the affected hand.

Surgery is usually performed after your child has had time to grow (6 months to 1 year old), although deep constriction rings that restrict blood flow must be treated immediately.

What's my child's long-term outlook?

Despite the differences in appearance, affected hands and fingers generally have excellent long-term function.