Cleft Foot | Symptoms & Causes

What causes cleft foot?

Cleft foot is generally understood to have a genetic cause. Cleft foot can occur by itself; with cleft hand (ectrodactyly, also called split hand-split foot malformation); or as part of a genetic syndrome.

What are the signs and symptoms of cleft foot?

Signs of cleft foot are visible at birth, and increasingly, on prenatal ultrasound. The baby’s foot has missing toes, a V-shaped cleft and possibly other anomalies.

In the majority of children who have it, a cleft foot may be an isolated occurrence, affecting only her foot. But your doctor will also check for any associated deformities or syndromes.

If a fetal ultrasound reveals that your baby has a cleft foot, you’ll be referred to an orthopedic specialist, who will help you plan for your child’s care after she’s born. If you haven’t learned during your pregnancy that your child has a foot problem, the cleft foot will be visible when your baby is born, and you will be referred to a lower limb specialist.