Bullying Pediatric Research and Clinical Trials

At Boston Children’s Hospital, we’re dedicated to proving the effectiveness of our treatment approaches through rigorous scientific testing. Our research program is one of the largest and most active of any pediatric hospital in the world.

Each day, we work to propel new advances in preventing, diagnosing and treating mental and behavioral health disorders. This research reinforces our ongoing commitment to enhancing mental health care for all children and adolescents.

Here are some of our latest research projects with implications for bullying prevention and intervention:

  • A longitudinal study by Laura Bogart, PhD and colleagues, of the Division of General Pediatrics, followed students from elementary school to high school and revealed that students who are victims of chronic bullying have significantly worse mental and physical health, greater depression symptoms and lower self-worth than their peers.
  • A study co-led by Boston Children’s researcher S. Bryn Austin, ScD, of the Division of Adolescent Medicine, has revealed that lesbian/gay adolescents were three to four times more likely to report having been bullied than heterosexuals while bisexuals and those identifying as "mostly heterosexual" were twice as likely, after adjustment for age and other factors.