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Treating Apert Syndrome in Children

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While the prospect of multiple operations over your child’s lifetime can seem overwhelming, it’s important to remember that these procedures are very successful. At Boston Children’s Hospital, an experienced and collaborative team that includes many different specialists will care for your child.

Boston Children’s Hospital is a national leader in the treatment of children with Apert syndrome, known for our extensive experience, advanced treatments, and compassionate care. U.S.News & World Report ranks Boston Children's Hospital #1 in neurosurgery, and our pediatric Department of Plastic and Oral Surgery is one of the largest and most experienced anywhere in the world.

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Advanced Treatment of Apert Syndrome at Boston Children’s Hospital

Most children with Apert syndrome will require numerous operations into their adolescence and early adulthood. Your child may need surgeries to:

  • Reshape the skull
  • Improve the upper airway, which may be partly blocked
  • Correct eye problems
  • Address dental problems
  • Separate webbed fingers or toes
Our doctors have significant expertise in:
  • Minimally invasive techniques and helmet therapy to reduce your child’s skull shape deformity
  • Midfacial advancement (also known as Le Fort III procedures) to bring the middle part of your child’s face forward, opening up the airway and protecting the prominent eyes
  • Treating airway obstruction
  • Jaw surgery, combined with orthodontic therapy, to help correct the bite and improve jaw appearance and function
  • Complex operations to separate and straighten fingers and toes
Whenever possible, our doctors perform safe and advanced treatments of the face and skull early in a child’s life in order to give the brain adequate room to grow and to minimize the risk of brain injury.

Download the Boston Children’s Hospital Apert Syndrome Guide to learn more.

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