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5 tip for sports recovery from Boston Children's Hospital's Sports Medicine DivisionIntense sports season? 5 tips for recovery
May 3, 2016
Like many high-performing athletes, Taylor likes to push herself. But athletes who push themselves too hard may be more prone to injury. Learn how to recover smart after an intense sports season. Read more...

ACL repair: What it’s like to be first to have a new surgery
March 23, 2016
After Corey Peak tore his ACL in February 2015, he explored all of his treatment options. Corey was excited to learn about bridge-enhanced (TM) ACL repair, a new technique that encourages the ACL heal without a tendon graft and became the first person to have the surgery. Learn why and see what Corey is up to today. Read more...

Nearly 40 years after milestone ACL reconstruction surgery, Puck skis like a kid
February 19, 2015
“I’ve skied 1.7 million vertical feet in the last five years,” says 36-year-old Philip ‘Puck’ Wheaton. It’s an awful lot of skiing, especially for a guy who was born without an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)—the critical ligament that holds the knee together. Read more...

Olympic skier Julia Marino overcomes an ACL injury
December 4, 2013
Julia Marino thrives at high speed and great heights. In 2009, she was at the top of her game. Coaches and slopestyle skiers had pegged her as a rising star on the World Cup circuit. Then she crashed. Read more...

ACL surgery 10 years later: an athlete looks back
October 16, 2013
The decision to proceed with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction to treat a torn ACL on a growing child can be difficult. Parents often weigh the pros and cons of surgery versus the risks of a more conservative approach with limited activity. After surgery, they wonder how to best help their child manage the difficult recovery period and return to sports. As with many parenting challenges, there is no single right answer. Nearly 10 years after his ACL surgery, University of Michigan sophomore. Read more...

Beating the Odds: A Female Athlete Triumphs
April 3, 2013
Krista, a high school soccer star, injured her ACL three times. Martha Murray, MD, completed the surgeries and guided Krista through a complete ACL injury recovery and prevention program. The rehab program helped her power through senior year and lead her team to the state high school soccer championship. Read more...

From Torn ACL to MVP
January 11, 2013
North Carolina 8-year old Fletcher’s football dreams were nearly shattered when he tore his ACL. Read how a special surgical technique developed and performed by Boston Children’s orthopedic surgeons helped Fletcher get back in the game. Read more...

Stephanie's Story
March 28, 2012
“I knew something wasn’t right,” says Stephanie, a high school athlete who tore her ACL during a basketball game. Martha Murray, MD, performed surgery on the growing teen, and Stephanie returned to the soccer field and basketball court as fast and strong as before her injury. Read more...

Boston Children's in the news: ACL on the rise in young athletes
November 16, 2011
BC World News recently ran a story featuring Boston Children's Hospital patient Caleb Seymour, an 8-year-old football player who tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) on the field. Unfortunately, Caleb is just one of many young athletes facing this type of knee injury. Recent data shows ACL tears are rising rapidly among young people, and their long-term effects can be substantial. Kids who suffer serious ACL damage can have life-long problems with leg mobility, uneven leg growth or arthritis. Read more...

Girls' soccer ACL injuries are preventable
February 18, 2010
More girls are playing soccer than ever and as you can guess, that means more girls are suffering from soccer-related injuries. A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine takes a look at a Swedish research exercise program designed to help girls prevent one of soccer’s most common injuries – a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Read more...

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