Airway Obstruction

Most incidences of accidental child strangulation, suffocation and choking occur in the home. As a parent, extra care should be taken to childproof your house for young children, keeping in mind that the airways of young children are much smaller and easier to obstruct. Another preventive step to take is to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and infant and child first-aid.

Children's expert offers advice about toys and airway obstruction

Children's offers the following comments and advice:

  • When you look at data about toys and safety, choking is number one way in which toys can kill children.
  • When selecting toys for your child, look at the toy itself and the small parts of the toy. For example, sometimes it might be the eye of a stuffed animal or a wheel off a truck that could
    cause your child to choke.
  • Magnets, which are in a lot of toys, can be dangerous. They're in building sets, doll clothes and all sorts of things. If your child swallows one, this may not be a big deal. But if your child swallows two, they can get stuck together inside and cause serious problems.