Adamantinoma | Testing & Diagnosis

How is an adamantinoma diagnosed?

The first step in treating your child is forming an accurate and complete diagnosis.Doctors may use specific tests and procedures to determine the exact type of tumor your child has and whether the tumor has spread. These may include:

  • physical exam, including checking the limb where the tumor is located
  • x-rays, which produce images of internal tissues, bones and organs onto film
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MR or MRI) to produce detailed images of the area where the tumor is located
  • computerized tomography scan (also called a CT or CAT scan) to capture a detailed view of the body, in some cases
  • biopsy or tissue sample from the tumor to provide definitive information about the type of tumor; this is collected during an image-guided needle biopsy
  • blood and urine tests
  • bone scan to detect bone involvement

After we complete all necessary tests, our experts will meet to review and discuss what they have learned about your child's condition. Then we will meet with you and your family to discuss the results and outline the best treatment options for your child.