Michael Glotzbecker, MD

Michael Glotzbecker, MDMichael Glotzbecker, MD, is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in the Spinal Program at Boston Children’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. From his care for patients who have scoliosis or complex cervical spine conditions, to his work in reducing spinal infection rates, Dr. Glotzbecker has been constantly working to improve quality of care at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Much of his research is in early-onset scoliosis and reducing spinal infections. He also played a significant role in forming clinical practice guidelines to reduce infections, which helped drop our infection rate by half.

Dr. Glotzbecker is a member of multiple early onset scoliosis study groups, including the Growing Spine Study Group (GSSG) and the Complex Spine Study Group (CSSG). Additionally, he is a core member of the Harms Study Group for pediatric spinal deformities. His work in research, advancing treatment outcomes and improving patient care have allowed him to be a positive force in the lives of many patients that have come through our Spinal Program.