Competition Solves Genetic Mystery for Boy with CNM
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UI team is runner up in international genetics challenge

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Researchers Solve the Mystery of Child’s Illness
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Boston Children’s Hospital contest pinpoints the gene that causes a muscle-weakening disorder
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Brigham and Women’s Team Wins Clinical Genome CLARITY Challenge
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CLARITY Genomics Practice Challenge Winner Announced at ASHG
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Brigham and Women’s obtains clarity
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Boston Children’s brings CLARITY to families living with complex diseases
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Boston Children’s Hospital announces international genomics competition winner
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CeGaT and Genomatix finalists of Boston Children’s Hospital’s CLARITY Challenge
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What’s Making Adam Sick? A Contest to Sequence Three Kids’ Genomes
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Test Your DNA for Diseases – No Doctor Required
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Boston Children’s Hospital to Announce Results of International Genomic Challenge as ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting
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Three families, three mysteries: Results soon to come from genomic challenge
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Contest to interpret genomes of child patients underway
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Thirty Groups Enter CLARITY Clinical Genome Interpretation Challenge
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Thirty teams compete to interpret three families’ genomes
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UI team joins genetics challenge
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CLARITY Challenge
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Genomics contest underscores challenges of personalized medicine
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CHB Kicks Off $25K Challenge to Set Standards for Clinical Genomic Data Interpretation
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Children’s Hospital launches genome analysis contest
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A $25,000 Challenge to Make Sense of Genetic Information
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