Judges & Prizes

Boston Children’s Hospital will award $25,000 to the winning research team, selected by a diverse panel of judges representing the medical and technology community. Close finalists may be awarded a portion of the prize. Results will be announced in November at Boston Children's Global Pediatric Innovation Summit.

Using pre-specified criteria, judges will evaluate:

  • the methods competitors use to analyze and interpret the genomic sequences of patients and their families
  • the competitors’ ability to synthesize the genomic data and produce clinically meaningful reports with actionable results, care recommendations and “next steps.”

The $25,000 challenge was made possible by longtime hospital donor Rob Hale, CEO of Granite Telecommunications, his wife Karen and their family.


Elaine Lyon, PhD
ARUP Laboratories

Peter Neupert
Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp.

David McCallie Jr., MD
Cerner Medical Informatics Institute

Peter Szolovits, PhD

Shamil Sunyaev, PhD
Brigham & Women's Hospital

Ganesh Mochida, MD
Boston Children's Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital

Olaf Bodamer, MD
Boston Children's Hospital

Lance Rodan, MD
Boston Children's Hospital

Charles Benjamin Berde, MD, PhD
Boston Children’s Hospital